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During the first week of December Wineworx will offer you the opportunity to make your own German-style apple wine aged in an American oak whiskey barrel for three months. Onlu 8 shares will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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With a wineworx Gift Certificate, you or the recipient of the certificate will fully participate in a 2019 wine making experience of your choice. You will be mentored on all the steps in the home wine making process by expert, award winning wine makers; use of all equipment, tools, and supplies; and bring home 24-25 bottles of finished wine.Choose one of the above or let the recipient of your gift choose at a later date.
To purchase Gift Certificates please contact Tom or Tony:
Mobile: 585 719 6563
Mobile: 585 749 9150


About Wineworx
With more that 90 years combined home wine making experience Tom Raco and Tony Toscano started Wineworx to share their wine making knowledge with those who are interested in learning the true art of traditional home wine making. Today, Wineworx offers a variety of wine making options based on traditional techniques and enhanced with up-to-date technologies and applications.

Chilean Wine Making and Australian Wine Making
These options include making wines from fresh juices shipped to us from Chile or Australia. The Southern Hemisphere, where Chile and Australia are situated, is on an opposite grape growing season the us, which allows us to purchase fresh juices in the spring of each year. Customers register for a Chilean experience in early April and the wine making process commences late April or early May. For the Australian experience registration is usually in May and wine making begins in June. These wines generally require about 12 months of aging before bottling.  

California Wine Making and Italian Wine Making
These options include making wines in the fall from fresh juices shipped to us from California's Central Coast region or regions of Italy. The wine making process for California commences around mid-September and for Italian around late October and generally requires about 12 months of aging before bottling. Registration for the California wines takes place in September and for the Italian wines in October.

Finger Lakes Wine Making
A featured Wineworx experience, it begins with picking grapes at a Finger Lakes vineyard where the grapes are crushed, pressed and where primary fermentation takes place. The remaining steps of the  wine making stages, concluding with bottling, corking, and taking home 2 cases of wine occur at the Wineworx cellar in Henrietta, NY.  This experience typically begins in early October and generally the wines require up to 12 months of aging before bottling.   

Special Barrel Aging
At times Wineworx offers special wines as group activities. These group experiences allow for aging in French oak barrels of 55 or 30 gallons. All other wines are produced in glass carboys or Stainless steel vessels.

Prices include everything you need to complete the wine making process, except bottles and corks to bring home your wine. 

A Wineworx experience is a unique opportunity to learn the craft of home wine making and to meet others who are also inspired to gain new skills and produce their own wine. So, if you are intrigued by the idea of making your own vintage wine the traditional way and in owning bragging rights when you share it, consider a Wineworx experience this year 

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Mobile: 585 719 6563
Mobile: 585 749 9150

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We are honored to provide all US military veterans a 10% discount on all share purchases. In the case of promotional offers, this veteran’s discount will be applied to the promotional price.