How It Worx


We provide you with the flexibility to choose from this year's available grapes or fresh juices to determine the kind of experience and wine you plan to make. Your purchase will be defined in terms of "share", with one share being equivalent to 5 gallons, or 25-26 bottles of wine.

Wineworx Provides
We will provide grapes to be picked at the vineyard or fresh Juices in pails and instruct and guide you in all stages of the process and provide the equipment, chemicals, and supplies you will need. Your wine will be aged in our "cellar" until bottling time.

You Provide
You will be involved in every stage of the process, from picking grapes (NYS grapes) or inoculating and fermenting your fresh juice  (California, Chilean, Italian, other) to bottling your finished wine. Your commitment to the full process will be essential to mastering the art of wine making.

Items Not Included in Your Share Payments
1. Wine Bottles
2. Corks and finishing covers
3. Labels
At the appropriate time we will provide you with easy information on how to obtain these items from wineworx (if available) or from other vendors.

4. Food and beverage*
Grape picking, crushing and pressing are activities that will take place at the vineyard and will probably run over lunch. You are responsible to bring lunch, snacks and beverages to satisfy your needs.

5. Transportation*
The location of the vineyard is in Rushville, NY, which is about 10 miles south of Canandaigua. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the vineyard . A map will be provided to help you find the place.

* For Finger Lakes experiences, grape picking only.