Fresh Chilean Wine Making Experience.

If you can’t wait for the fun and excitement of the Fall harvest season, this is your chance to enjoy making wine in the spring from grapes grown in one of the finest viticultural regions of the world: Chile.

Wineworx will offer again a wine making experience using fresh juice straight from Chile and personalized guidance through all the steps in making delicious South American wine. 

As you know the Southern Hemisphere is on a different grape growing schedule which allows us to purchase fresh juices at the close of their growing season.  And by initiating the wine making process in late spring you are sure to have a new vintage ready to enjoy the following spring.

                           Here’s How It Worx

By March 30th
Purchase your shares from the selection of Chilean juices varieties listed below. To purchase a share, go to our website and complete the Registration Form as required. Each share will include 6 gallons of fresh juice and will produce approximately 25-26 bottles of finished wine at a cost $195.00 per share.
Red Grape:
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Petit Sirah

White Grape:
Moscatel Alejandria
Sauvignon Blanc

On April 7
When the orders arrive at Wineworx in sealed containers, we will begin the wine making process. The first step is to add the appropriate yeast.  

- Over the Following 12 Months
The remaining steps, including final bottling in 2019, will be arranged on an individual basis to accommodate your schedules.